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About Us

Verda Samanli (born 1997) and Iris Ada (born 1998) have been friends since kindergarten and continued their earlier studies together in Pierre Loti. After high school, Iris continued her studies in NABA University in Milan, studying industrial design, while Verda studied plastic arts at Sorbonne University in Paris. After finishing their studies, they returned to Istanbul to design products that showcased their artistic visions as they set out to unite their products with design lovers like themselves. By combining their love of design to a business model, they created their brand, “Dada Luv Dada”. Through this endeavor they have added a partnership to their long- lasting friendship. Showcasing creativity and enthusiasm, this brand was founded in 2020 and is now ready to meet all of you! We hope that by using Dada products, you can experience the inspirations Dada created for us.

About Dada

The “Dada Luv Dada” brand, founded in Istanbul, consists of minimalist and unique designs. We have carefully designed each product.